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104 Established in 2017 by SJ Display Group, Elevare is an innovative, state of the art visual display hanging system, recommended industry wide to assist in marketing and merchandising promotions for your business. Convenient and practical, it can be used by your in-house company personnel and employees, without supervision safely and easily from floor level. This eliminates the need for ladders, the recruitment of external contractors or the use of expensive equipment such as scissor lifts. Elevare increases productivity, and can be utilised within work hours, without compromising Occupational Health and Safety concerns. The Elevare system can reach heights of up to four (4) metres and beyond with ample safety and no risk to the consumer, and without over–exertion. Having a variety of components on offer we have you covered, allowing to hang and remove heavy to light weight banners and other visual display accessories across large to small formats saving you time. The Elevare Clamp facilitates the installation process, locking the banner hanging rail securely in place. This Safe, Convenient, Efficient and Innovative visual display hanging system does not need continual maintenance or observation, and can be moved and relocated if necessary. The Elevare clamp is made from high-strength, high-impact resistant glass reinforced Nylon. It is easy to operate and manoeuvre, featuring a light-weight, robust, and user friendly design. Stay one step ahead of your competition by cycling your promotional messages often and in line with the sales requirements of your business, in a competitive environment. Elevare can guarantee no associated ongoing or drawn out costs: a one-off buy price for a lifetime of use. For more information about acquiring the product. Contact: [email protected] Questions? NOW LIFT 2 pole ELEVARE GRIPPER POSTER TWIST ON 1 NO SWEAT 3 TWIST OFF 4 ELEVARE GRIPPER interlocks TM t o e l e v a t e b y s j d i s p l a y g r o u p 93 HANGING POSTER NO EFFORT 5